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In 1992, the Achievement & Learning Foundation was created as an umbrella under which the healing philosophies of Stephen C. Parkhill could be documented and validated. What came to light was chronicled in the resulting book Answer Cancer, The Healing of a Nation, published by Health Communications Inc., in 1995.

Today, ALF dedicates itself as a proving ground for futuristic healing and human performance enhancing techniques.

I believe every person has a right to know how the mind works and how the mind develops. It is my goal to pass along that knowledge and by doing so, give back to all people the ability to positively affect development of one’s own mind, body, and spirit.  – Steve Parkhill

The Answer Cancer Philosophies

The offer of dramatic human performance enhancement, healing of chronic ills, a strategy for taking your child’s mind back from the likes of Twitter, designer jeans, and premature obsessions with sexuality … What’s it all based upon?

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Human Performance Enhancement

You have incredible untapped capacity, as well as anchors you would give anything to shed. You’ve tasted moments of brilliance and faced times of struggle. In either case the source seems deep inside. How can someone access that deeper level and affect what’s happening?

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It is ALF’s belief that it currently holds a process and understanding which can produce a rate of healing higher than any other method of healing for any conceivable condition within the spectrum of chronic ills. If you have ever wanted to better understand the way the mind and body connect…

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Don’t down play it. You are in a battle for the mind of your child! You wouldn’t step into a ring with a professional boxer and not expect to get the beating of your life. Well, every parent is up against an equal foe whose weapon is hypnotics, used to turn kids away from family. Know thy enemy; learn their weaponry.

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