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Human Performance Enhancement

 Hopefully you’ve read the Answer Cancer Philosophies link. It basically explains from where self identity comes. It explains the mind mechanisms which so dramatically control the development of that self identity and that of the surrounding world. The overview kicked off this way:

“Of course, the book goes into it in much more detail. But to surmise, the subconscious mind is the most powerful goal achieving device known to man. And it will achieve any goal implanted into it with ruthless efficiency. Programmed for abundance, and it gives you the person who can lose everything, and in so short a period of time, be back up on top. Programmed for limitation, it gives us the risen Hollywood star who crashes and burns for no sensible reason, or the lotto winner who in five years finds himself broke and in dept, or the obviously physically gifted athlete who can’t keep his head together long enough to do anything with those gifts.”

There is a lot being said in that short paragraph. When it comes to achievement, humans turn out to be quite efficient. When it comes to choosing what they want to achieve, humans hardly have a clue. Oh, consciously, one will choose health, financial abundance, maybe to become great at something; to lose weight or go smoke free. But how often do such things get achieved and maintained? As a published author, to have a quarter for every time I’ve heard someone tell me “I’ve got a book I’m going to write” or “I’m going to write a book some day” or “Yea, I’m writing a book of my own!” Probably less than one in ten thousand such claims ever gets followed through to completion. What happens to all that good intention?

  An old adage proclaims, “When will and imagination meet, imagination wins.” I will agree with that, and here's why. “Will” is a conscious level faculty. When put to the test, the conscious mind proves again and again to be so weak and inefficient. Imagination is a function of the subconscious mind, the single most powerful goal achieving agency known to man. Images of “how things must be” in the subconscious are exactly the focus of that ruthless goal achieving power. Here’s the kicker: Loving humans tend to try and save their young from the “pitfalls of life”. Parents, out of fear of loosing a child, will inspire their children to “play it safe” early in life. And the net result usually ends up being a program of “average”. Oh so often humans are programmed out of the gate to be average. When one of them decides to excel at something, every step in the climb to greatness feels as if it’s taken against an ever stretching bungee cord, tethered to his or her start point. And even if some kind of self improvement technique is employed in an attempt to better get the job done, it always seems as if one is fighting against the pull back toward mediocrity.  

For instance, sports psychology says in essence, “We’ll give you the mental strength to pull harder against, and stretch further, the bungee cord.” Well, the limitations to such a plan should quickly become self evident, and when that thing finally rebounds, as it must, yike. Hoping it breaks is rarely rewarded. When the ACP’s are applied to achievement, the subconscious self image limitation is treated as a disease and ripped out by its roots. Then, and only then, are fresh images of higher achievement installed in the void created. Now, the same subconscious mind that was so ruthlessly holding onto the old limits, freely goes after the new suggestions for achievement with that same ruthless goal achieving power! Instead of working so hard for little gains, large gains are achieved with …are you ready for this? ... calmness and ease! The increases literally come naturally. The difference between any other method of self improvement and the application of the Answer Cancer Philosophies is profound.

And this is only one benefit of many. If you want to learn all the details and the yet to be discussed benefits of applying the ACP’s to your aspirations, contact me and I will be happy to discuss those advanced techniques privately. When it comes to healing strategy, I wish I could just give it instantly to the entire world. But when it comes to competition, be it business or sports, I’m only interested in sharing those precious gems with actual clients. And I have no problem with someone buying exclusivity over the competition. Creating a competitive edge IS what it’s all about.

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