Answer Cancer Philosophies

Hypnosis: The Bypass of the Critical Faculty of the Conscious Mind; and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking.

Restated simply, hypnosis is a door opener to, and communication protocol for, the tuning of the subconscious mind.

Welcome. My name is Steve Parkhill, author of Answer Cancer, The Healing of a Nation. I start with that definition, because hypnosis is what I would consider my base discipline, and I’m talking about a specific brand of hypnosis at that. Why hypnosis? It’s the belief that the mind has power over the body as well as life outcome. And when referring to the mind, we are referring to a mechanism whose parts are split mostly between two agencies; the conscious and subconscious minds. Hypnosis is a focus and fascination with the subconscious faculties of the human mind. Why the subconscious mind? The conscious mind and its faculties turn out to be quite weak. In contrast, I as so many others through time, see the subconscious mind as the single most powerful goal achieving agency known to man. The subconscious is also the level at which all running programs of individual nature are accessible for review and edit!

Sure, when it comes to human transformation, there are many paths to Rome . But I will go on the record as saying (what I will call) “pure hypnosis” is unmatched when in comes to getting to subconsciously running programming and creating lasting change. So it’s hypnosis that gets to and opens communications with the subconscious mind, but is there anything necessarily healing in such a technique? No. Advertisers use the same understanding to condition the masses with a program of “I can only be happy with that next thing I don’t have”. This does wonders when used to breed increases in mass consumption, but also has horrific side effects.

Enter the Answer Cancer Philosophies. They focus on the good that can be gained through accessing the subconscious. They explain the subconscious mind’s role in the manipulation of the human condition. And I might as well make it clear right now that, despite its use in the book’s title, this is not a message about cancer, but of how the mind and body connect. It’s just that the philosophies hold such power as to give us insights into things as misunderstood as cancer, and more inclusively, most all chronic illness.

Of course, the book goes into it in much more detail. But to surmise, the subconscious mind is the most powerful goal achieving device known to man. And it will achieve any goal implanted into it with ruthless efficiency. Programmed for abundance, and you have the person who can lose everything, and in so short a period of time, be back up on top. Programmed for limitation, and you get the risen Hollywood star who crashes and burns, or the lotto winner who in five years finds himself broke and in dept, or the obviously physically gifted athlete who can’t keep his head together long enough to do anything with those gifts. Programmed for mutilation and you have chronic illness. Here, the doctor medicates an outbreak of some kind, oblivious to the continuing existence of a program calling for the mutilation. This is the mechanism behind recurrence and substitution that medicine refuses to respect. Going into the subconscious and removing the mutilating program allows the body to quite naturally right itself.

What the Answer Cancer Philosophies make clear:

  1. That the programming running at the subconscious level dictates each individual’s own condition.
  2. That there is a mind model which clearly explains the mechanisms responsible for the building, running, and changing of those programs.
  3. That learning these philosophies gives one an incredible leg up. Whether that is for gaining health, maintaining health, growing children, or personal achievement.

The Answer Cancer Philosophies provide a true overview of the mind game battlefield and the insight you need to compete for your health, accomplishments, and family-wide personal growth.

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