Healing via Our Natural Mind/Body Connection


Hopefully you’ve read the Answer Cancer Philosophies link. It basically explains from where self identity comes. It explains the mind mechanisms which so dramatically control the development of that self identity and that of the surrounding world. The overview kicked off this way:

“Of course, the book goes into it in much more detail. But to summarize, the subconscious mind is the most powerful goal achieving device known to man. And it will achieve any goal implanted into it with ruthless efficiency. Programmed for abundance, and it gives you the person who can lose everything, and in so short a period of time, be back up on top. Programmed for limitation, it gives us the risen Hollywood star who crashes and burns for no sensible reason, or the lotto winner who in five years finds himself broke and in dept, or the obviously physically gifted athlete who can’t keep his head together long enough to do anything with those gifts. Programmed for mutilation, it produces chronic illness. Here, the doctor medicates an outbreak of some kind, oblivious to the continuing existence of a program calling for the mutilation. This is the mechanism behind recurrence and substitution that medicine refuses to respect. Going into the subconscious and removing the mutilating program allows the body to quite naturally right itself.

And there it is … that last one. Please read it again:

“Programmed for mutilation, it produces chronic illness. Here, the doctor medicates an outbreak of some kind, oblivious to the continuing existence of a program calling for the mutilation. This is the mechanism behind recurrence and substitution that medicine refuses to respect. Going into the subconscious and removing the mutilating program allows the body to quite naturally right itself.

And this next line has been attributed to Hippocrates, the father of western medicine:

“The body’s natural tendency is that toward health.”

The Answer Cancer Philosophies agree with that. And contend that a chronic illness (continuance, recurrence or substitution in spite of all curing efforts) is chronic because it’s called for by an agency outside the body, but with control over the body, thwarting both the “body’s natural tendency” and the efforts of the physiologically-based troubleshooters. The ACP’s say “cleanse and reprogram the subconscious mind and the body will heal as hoped.” This makes the ACP the opposite of medicine.

What is the mind and how does the body get involved?

Long before I arrived on the scene, a group of thinkers got quite a chuckle as medical scientists poked around the brain, looking for the mind; in particular, memory. To that group, looking in the brain for the mind would be like tearing apart your TV expecting the American Idol contestants to fall out. To these thinkers, the brain is but a transistor; the mind stored throughout the entire body. And oh how they were chided by anyone in the medical community. But then medicine did something special. They succeeded in transplanting organs. And as quickly as organs took and the recipients recovered, the stories started to flow. Recipients were picking up the memories, mannerisms, quirks, and emotions of the donors. Mind and memory were traveling along with the organ. Enter thought/cause alignments.

Did you ever wonder why we hang a heart on Valentine’s Day? -And, not a spleen, for instance? Why do we get “pissed off” and not “salivated off”? Why are we called “broken hearted” or “hard hearted” and not broken pancreas’d? Why is it said that one “carries the weight of financial burden”? How can someone be a “pain in the neck”? (or ass)

These old clichés prove that as a modernized society we have digressed over time. They are proof that long ago people in the know understood the alignment between a specific body part and a specific mind capacity. So the heart is a love center. Kidneys do harbor angers. Financial burden does flare in the back. And the emotions held in toward a life sucking inner circle member does manifest as a chronically contracted neck or sphincter muscle. And these rate as just a few of the most simplistic and commonly franchised examples. It goes much deeper.

With everything above in mind, the ACP’s are basically saying that at the core of every ache, pain, lump, or bump, lies an event or sequence of events from the past that tally up into either a pocket of festering emotion, or a program calling for some form of self punishment, mutilation, or limitation. Through a process of hypnotic regression, the event or chain of events can be discovered, exhausted, forgiven, re-perceived, and blended back into the person’s accumulating life experience as a positive. Properly done, that quote from Hippocrates kicks in, “the body’s natural tendency is that toward health”, and the doctors measures quickly indicate something (often deemed miraculous) is happening.

What does the healing process of a chronic ill look like when the ACP’s are applied?

Well, it certainly starts with a good rapport between the facilitator and the person to be healed. They have to agree on a lot of things. Some are:

They have to agree on the basic principle which brings them together. It says that the disease is something from the past, alive and festering on the inside, or a chain of experiences compounding into a program calling for some form of self mutilation, self punishment, or self limitation, or any combo of the possibilities mentioned.

They have to agree on parity: the fairness of the Universe; that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Relating to healing, this guarantees us that for so much dis-ease there must be a proportionate amount of trapped emotion and/or mutilating programming.

They have to agree what is to be expected when in trance. If a person fears that what they are experiencing is not what’s expected, that person will constantly lose trance as the conscious mind interjects, thinking it’s being some kind of helper. Not the only point to be covered before a session, but a classic example is the common false assumption that when in hypnosis a person is somehow numb, or not in a state of awareness or control. Wrong. Hypnosis is not a “numbed” state of mind what so ever! It is a HEIGHTENED state of awareness. At the end of a session subjects are aware of everything the professional has said, everything they have said themselves, every picture, feeling, thought, or mood their mind reveals in trance is there for complete recall and review after the session. The facts related to such common misconceptions must be covered and agreed upon.

They have to agree on a mutual state of humility. Neither the subject consciously, nor the facilitator professionally know up front the details at the core of the individual’s disease. Together they can predict some generalities. But they must commit to the idea that the individual’s subconscious is the only agency with the details … the program code, if you will.

It’s that last agreement which sets the stage for the actual hypnotic healing process used. The heart of the process relies upon hypnotic regression. Hypnotic regressions can be led by the hypnotist. –Not Good. If a supposed pro is so bold as to think he/she knows where in the past the person’s mind needs to take them, it mostly proves that supposed pro’s total lack of professionalism! Humility must be maintained. It’s done in this way: The hypnotic state is achieved through some kind of induction into trance. At that point there is access to this powerful goal achieving subconscious mind. So we give it something it’s good at. We give it a goal. Here, the condition to be healed it highlighted and targeted. Immediately, the subconscious is given the goal of taking the person back to “the key event/events of significance to the ill.” As the ensuing regression unfolds, the pro can’t know if the mind is going to take them back two months, two years, to 2 months after conception, or 200AD. A good pro in this stage is riding blind. Now, once the SC mind reaches what IT perceives to be a key event, the pro leads the person through a sequence where long trapped emotions are evacuated, some forgiveness is had, some lesson or satisfaction is gained, and a positive, life enhancing, program for the future is installed in the void created from the removal of all the past and present junk. Not too far from shoveling manure from a barn, digging and re-perceiving continues until the barn holding the person’s past and resulting perceptions is completely cleansed and transformed. From here it’s expected that the effects of the above mentioned Hippocrates quote kick in and there is a resulting tumbling of symptoms. It truly is an amazingly effective process.

In the early ‘90’s I had a live call-in radio show. I was South Florida ’s MindCoach as the show was titled. I did a show about my own childhood experience with bursitis (supposedly an “old person’s disease), the ill that sent me on my original search for life meaning. I explained the doctor’s folly as they pretty much tried to kill me in the course of their battle with my ill. After telling the story of my eventual self regression, the discovery at the core of the ill, and how it only confirmed the existing thought/cause alignment for bursitis, four orthopedic surgeons called to book appointments FOR THEIR OWN HEALING, stating that they had gotten into orthopedics looking for their own answers. Each revealed that not only were they STILL wrestling their own conditions, but my discovered life story matched what they had been through to the letter. Three never made it to the office. I’m guessing guilt at the thought of betraying their own professional discipline got the best of them. One made it to my office, the healing unfolding as predictably as I could ever imagine. Folks, when an orthopedic surgeon comes to my office for a chronic joint disorder … and gets his healing … something powerful is happening!

When it comes to trauma care, doctors are the bee’s knees. If I break my arm skiing, I’m going straight to the emergency room. The same goes for their ability to measure and take pictures. But when it comes to affecting long term positive change in those things labeled “chronic ill”, I’m hard pressed not to call them totally unqualified. There are so many things for which medicine is so useful. But if an overview of your medical history has your medical professionals looking as if they are playing a game of Whack-A-Mole at the local arcade, you might want to look inside your subconscious mind for what is really eating away at you.

Food For Thought….

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