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Cure for the “Head-Case”

All great achievers are head-cases. It sounds rude but it’s true. Here’s why: Every achiever aspires. They want to climb higher. They NEED to climb higher if they are going to win at anything of significance. This flies in the face of a mind mechanism built into all of us. We are programmed. Any aspiring achiever, no matter what the sport or activity, has built into him or her, achievement ceilings. These limiters are held in and maintained by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is infinitely powerful and applies its full force in the maintenance of these achievement ceilings.

Enter the Label “Head-Case”

So the golfer struggles to put the great front nine and the great back nine together. The commissioned sales person seems to always have a great month followed up by a lack luster month. The pro baseball player has his streaks and slumps. Always, somehow, netting him out to finish the year all too close to his historical averages. Why? If a performer is satisfied with whatever that dialed in number (his/her known, historical performance level), the subconscious allows consistency. But what aspiring achiever is ever truly satisfied? Striving for greatness is the name of the competitive game. So the athlete trains harder; dials in technique. But for the effort, betterment is marginal. Why? Because the success limit programmed into the subconscious mind has not changed. The SCM (subconscious mind) sees the improvement and counters, sabotages, with a proportionately lesser performance to follow. This averages the athlete out to a number inboard of the programmed achievement ceiling. This becomes a cycle. And with each cycle a tough-minded achiever will naturally push harder. AND, in doing so often eek out a new personal best! But the SCM now has to create an even greater slump to average the athlete out on that still ingrained original number. So with the swing now creating higher highs and lower lows and the resulting frustrations becoming more visible to all, and in the case of pro athletics, the athlete’s fan base suffering the same ride, the “head-case” label gets applied.

The Infamous Fix

Oh boy, here we go. Arriving on the scene, the Sports Psychologist. Armed with a basket of self help mind tools, he/she is going to arm the aspiring achiever with focusing techniques. And I will be the first to confirm, some of these focusing tools are quite useful. But there is a problem. Psychology is the study of the conscious faculties of the mind. Once one understands the concept of a subconscious vs. a conscious mind, a look into the teaching of psychology finds its premise is flawed. The premise: that you can train the conscious faculties to better fight and eventually out power the subconscious mechanism and the programs it runs. It can’t. Not in the long run. Known for eons, the subconscious mind is one of the most powerful forces known to man. In contrast, the conscious mind is pathetically weak. By arming the conscious mind with tools such as imaging, there is often “the look” of success. But I will expose this illusion in one phrase: Short term gain at long term consequence. When these powerful tools are used to do nothing more than pull the athlete farther North of the still running achievement ceiling, the guaranteed snap to the South will always be in direct proportion. If the mind tools hold the athlete North of the line longer, the snap to the South will last equally longer in duration. -Short term gain at long term consequence.

The Value of a Well Trained Hypnotist

So we’ve learned that psychology is a study of and fasciation with the conscious faculties of the mind. A well trained hypnotist tells the conscious faculties of the mind, “Get over in that corner. Stay out of my way. I’ll call you back when I’m done my work.” A well trained hypnotist’s study, practice and developed expertise, is in the art of getting to and altering the subconscious mind’s programs.

Levels of Expertise

Not all hypnotists are of equal skill. There are different skill sets. Direct suggestion is a hypnotic process with simple steps. Induction into trance, the delivery of patter (suggestions worded in a way to be palatable to the subconscious and, composed to achieve a shift in perception), followed by an emerging from the trance state. If an achievement ceiling is lightly rooted, direct suggestion hypnosis can be quite effective. But there is a falling off point. If the achievement ceiling is more deeply rooted, even direct suggestion hypnosis has its limitations.

The Exorcism

Before I make sense of my use of this term, how many athletes have barked, “I need someone to perform an exorcism on me”.  That turns out to be really funny. They are actually quite right. Every aspiring achiever actually is a head case, and actually does need a good exorcism. Not in the religious rhetoric sense of the word. But hear this clearly! —Achievement ceilings don’t exist at conception. They are installed into us well after the fact. Left in the subconscious mind, the achiever’s struggles to exceed those early-installed limits is endless and exhausting. Dug out (exorcised) from the deepest levels of mind, the subconscious mind becomes a clean slate ready to receive a new set of goals for achievement. NO LONGER FIGHTING AGAINST SOME DEEPER AND EARLIER INSTALLED, LESSER GOAL, the single most powerful goal achieving agency known to man, the subconscious mind, is free to achieve any newly installed goals unfettered! When this is achieved an athlete’s life changes forever for the better. Streaks turn into habit. And patterns for perpetual growth replace programmed static numbers. -Very cool.

The Pro

My name is Steve Parkhill. I’m a healer whose base discipline is that of professional hypnotism. When it comes to digging out of a subconscious mind self-mutilating and self-limiting programming, I’ll match my skills against anyone else’s on this planet. My career working with the chronically ill will be my legacy. My super tuning of athletes has always been an enjoyable sideline. As I train those who will take the torch for healing, I find myself free to spend more time with aspiring athletes. I only work with professionals. There’s not enough hypnosis in the world to take someone who has only fiddled with a guitar, and have them come out of trance playing like Eddie Van Halen. But if you are a true pro when it comes to your sport’s craft, know that it’s something mental that’s holding you back. To have limits scrubbed out and new highs programmed in… Call me. 727-243-1720


Steve Parkhill, Author

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