Parenting … and why not call it “Child Development”? This is important. Child development insinuates a “parent on one” scenario. I like to use the term parenting because it opens us to the understanding that there is a bigger game board on which most humans are just pieces. From a hypnotist’s point of view, before any child development can happen, a parent’s job is to end your family’s participation in this bigger game.

Now, what game? -The Game of Mass Influence! That’s what game. I’ve always said that the best book ever written on hypnosis wasn’t ever written by a hypnotist. It was written by Al Reis and Jack Trout. It was titled “Positioning, The Battle For Your Mind”. They are two retired Madison Avenue advertising executives. Their book is all that’s needed to defend the idea that the greatest masters of the mind reside in the world of ad creation. It was all easy to see coming, really. In simplest terms, Mom and Dad, here’s your real foe and from where it came:

A study of human nature finds a general level of need. Commerce and Trade developed so instead of each providing their own everything needed, communities could swap the fruits of individual specialization. So blacksmiths and farmers swapped plows for food, and so on.

An interesting thing happened in the latter part of the Twentieth Century. There developed the concept of “mass production”. Before that, commerce and trade remained mostly in balance with general human need. But with the “cost per piece” reductions mass production inspired via increasing volume, it didn’t take long for production to exceed general human need. And it was right here your arch nemesis was born! -The Art of Consumer Science. Consumer science was born to create in the individuals who make up the masses, a desire to consume beyond that which would happen naturally. Read that last line several times. It’s important to all humans. But it carries extra importance for parents, as you will learn shortly.

Under the Shakespearian banner of “Know Thy Enemy”, let’s walk in the moccasins of the consumer scientist and see what they are up against. These days their job is to create in people a call to consume – to go buy things – as often and lavishly as possibly can be inspired. Well, if you were the consumer scientist, how would you do that? They tried listing product benefits. It only did so well. Presenting the logic behind a purchase; that did so poorly it inspired the marketing battle cry “Don’t sell the steak. Sell the sizzle!” Negative comparison ads only polarized, entrenching consumers where they stood – are you a Coke or Pepsi person? Study their history and you will find that the consumer scientist has tried everything and anything to pull us in the direction of a particular product and make us consume more in general along the way. They mostly learned what didn’t work. They had always targeted Dads. Dads made the money. But they learned, wives had the need, so they marketed to Moms. But they learned moms were pragmatic and submissive to the man’s call for frugality. And they would NEVER waste time or money with kids. Kids had nothing to spend. Other than getting there first, it seemed that no matter what they would throw at the masses it got rejected by something deep inside the individual. Humans kept wanting to settle. –To be happy with what they had. But that all quickly changed.

“Other than getting there first” …Did you catch that line toward the end of the last paragraph? The power of the first impression is golden. As competitors played leap frog with each other in their attempts to get to the masses first, their targets kept getting younger and younger. …And soon the idea of indoctrination was born. –Get’em young; get’em first. Ironically, the very age range they once ignored turned out to be the motherload! They soon found kids were a) easy to artificially obsess, b) relentless when artificially obsessed, and c) inclined to not let go of product loyalties as they age.

As they dabbled in kid mind science, they found pure gold. And the mining of that motherload has never ceased; only growing more and more relentless overtime. If you remember, the label “Generation X” was coined by ad men when they got a little too cavalier and the youth of that era revolted against the corporate marketing efforts. But oh how times have changed. And oh did consumer science ever learn its lesson. So “indoctrinate them young” has been the consumer scientist’s battle cry for a while now. And they are getting really good at it. They represent your first challenge. Parenting isn’t as easy as “just being a good parent”, as if when raising your child free of outside influence, you would do well and the kid would turn out to be a solid human being. Our children are pummeled by outside influence now. When parenting today, you must awaken to how many professionally organized efforts are working to remove you from your child’s thoughts and replace you. You must learn how to maintain, or even regain your position. You must become a well versed **AND PRO-ACTIVE!!** competitor in this “Battle For Your Child’s Mind.” Otherwise you will end up playing a never ending game of Whack-A-Mole, as a continuous stream of bad behaviors pop up from that child you are hoping to positively groom for a successful future.

Look, there will always be a call to consume. And I am not here to change that. But consumer science want’s everyone feeling empty inside. And here’s why: When people harbor feelings of emptiness, in an attempt to fill that void they consume without reason. When people harbor feelings of loving fullness, they enjoy what they already have and consume little if nothing. If you ever wondered why your child seems so lifeless and empty in spite of all your efforts to cheer and motivate, there’s your answer. It’s a directive. Get’em feeling empty and distant, and let mom and dad buy’em back at the store! Now there are ways for parents to take back the minds and inclinations of their children. What’s happening inside your child’s mind and what you as a parent can do about it are some of the things I’m here to share with all who are interested. Family or group, contact me for more information.

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